What You Need to Know About Using Visualization to Manifest Your Desires

by Brandon Olivares on May 25


In my articles on the Law of Attraction, I rarely mention visualization. I do this because visualization is such a misunderstood topic, and people generally do it in a way that actually increases their resistance, not decreases it.

Myself, I rarely use visualization. I just don’t find a great need for it.

However, it can be useful. So, in this article, I want to discuss the true reason we would ever use visualization to manifest our desires, and how best to use it for that purpose.

Is visualization right for you? 

Visualization is actually only good for a certain subset of people.

If you feel like you aren’t good at visualizing, it could be because you’re not in this specific subset, or it could also be because you just are doing it in the wrong way.

But first, let’s talk about who exactly visualization is best for.

You see, when your sensory experiences (sight, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting) are encoded into your thoughts, you tend to prefer one or two modalities for retrieving these thoughts later.

The major three modalities are:

  • Visual: You primarily experience the world through what you see
  • Auditory: You primarily experience the world through what you hear
  • Kinesthetic: You primarily experience the world through what you feel

If you’re an auditory person, but you try to experience the world through touch or through sight, you just aren’t going to feel as connected as you would if you relied on hearing.

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out that a visual person is probably best at visualization.

It sounds obvious, but most people miss out on this. Visualization is so emphasized in LOA circles that most people believe they have to visualize, or they literally cannot manifest.

As I said, that’s not true at all. There are tons of techniques for manifesting what you want.

But, if you are a visual person, then visualization is likely the best technique for you.

How do you discover which modality you are most comfortable with?

It’s really pretty simple. Think of some memory from your past, especially one with some emotion.

When you go back to this memory, notice how you experience it. Are you focusing primarily on what you see, on what you hear, or on what you feel?

Try this for a few memories if you want to be more sure. However, it shouldn’t take long before you know which modality you are.

Dont try to add too much detail

Let’s say you’re a visual person, but you are still having trouble visualizing.

The next common issue I find is that people try to add detail way too quickly.

Here’s the thing about manifestation: it is all based on energy. And that energy has momentum.

Slower energy needs to be more general. This is when you focus on your emotions, on general ideas about your manifestation, and so on.

As energy gets faster, it attracts more and more detail about the manifestation.

Slower energy is found when you are just starting towards a new manifestation. You are just beginning to think about that manifestation.

If you try to add detail at this point, it is going to feel very forced. It’s going to feel like a lot of effort. And if it feels like effort, you’re moving away from your manifestation, not towards.

Once again, it is common advice to visualize in as much detail as possible. But, this is going to actually act against you if you do this too soon.

The right thing to do here is to start with very little detail.

Let’s say you want a new job. You might be tempted to imagine every little detail about the job: the boss, the coworkers, the type of work you’ll do, the location, the hours you’ll work, etc.

But, very likely, that’s going to feel way too hard in the beginning.

So, let’s start small. Just start by focusing on how great it’d be to have a new job. Maybe imagine yourself hearing the words, “Can you start on Monday?” What would that feel like?

Bask in that feeling of being hired at your wonderful new job. Just give it some time to settle in. Keep running this image through your head for as long as it feels good.

This is very little detail, but this is just what you need to kickstart the process. It’ll get the energy flowing in the direction you want it to go, and it’ll help you avoid most of the resistance around visualization, too.

I just randomly chose one possible scenario you might imagine. If that doesn’t feel good, then see yourself receiving your first paycheck. Look down, and see that it’s plenty enough to pay all your bills, plus some.

Or choose another aspect of the job—whatever feels good to you.

The important thing is, it doesn’t have too much detail, but just enough to trigger a good feeling in you.

Let the details come to you

Now you have your general image.

So how do we add more detail?

Well, we don’t.

Haven’t you ever noticed how stressful it is to try to sit here and think up more detail? It just doesn’t feel natural. So, let’s not do that.

Instead, let the law of attraction do its thing and bring you the detail about your manifestation.

You see, everything is a manifestation, not just the final physical manifestation. Even the thoughts about your manifestation are themselves a manifestation.

So, if you focus on this nice general image of being hired at your ideal job, and you feel good about that, details will naturally start coming to you.

You’ll start to get new ideas.

  • “Wouldn’t it be awesome if it were located close to home?”
  • “And what if I had a bit more independence to do my own thing?”
  • “Maybe I could even work from home sometimes.”
  • “And there’d be lots of opportunities for promotion.”

The specific thoughts don’t matter. What matters is that your visualization will gradually get more and more specific.

Maybe this won’t happen on the first day. Don’t force it.

But if you do this every day, it will inevitably get more specific. It is how the law of attraction works.

If you get a thought that doesn’t feel good, such as some piece of resistance or a limiting belief, just back off a bit and return to one of the previous thoughts that did feel good.

Here’s the great thing about this process: when things start getting more specific, you know that your manifestation is picking up momentum.

It just wouldn’t be possible to think about your manifestation in this level of detail if the energy weren’t getting faster and faster.

So, you’ll always have a pretty good gauge for where your manifestation is in this whole process. You’ll never question what kind of momentum it has, or why it hasn’t come yet.

Of course, when you let the details come to you, you realize what you really do want from your manifestation.

Maybe before, you thought you wanted a certain salary, for instance, but as the details come to you, you realize that you’d be more comfortable with a different salary.

Just let the details come to you effortlessly, and the manifestation will be well on its way to entering effortlessly into your reality.

Share your experience

What’s your experience with visualization? Have you tried to make your manifestation go too fast, too early? Let us know in the comments.

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Brandon Olivares

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vinod chahande May 31, 2017 at 11:42 pm

that very good article. since long i was bit surprise about my visualization i think you are write. because many time things are automatically happening and giving you enough space of to have many details regarding your visualization. i find it very interested and good learning for people who are struggling with visualization and trying to push it to happen.


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