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by Amy Shaw on July 11

Spiraling UpGetting here has been a journey.

Our story began in 2007 on one of the web’s busiest personal development forums. Steve Pavlina’s forum was the kind of place that attracted everyone from fitness buffs to law-of-attraction enthusiasts. People became friends, people fought, people even got into long-term relationships. The common thread, though, was improving on ourselves.

After some time, the forum began to fall out of sync for some of us, and eventually, Steve Pavlina made the decision to close it down. But the team behind this blog stuck together through the years, and now, we’ve decided to launch our own blog.

We created Spiraling Up because we have a message (lots of messages!) to share, and we want to attract more people who are interested in improving themselves. We’re looking for people to challenge us and help us grow, and we hope we will do the same for you.

Who are we?

In short, we’re regular people who strive to be better people. We take responsibility for the things that happen in our lives, even when things are tough. We look for opportunities to grow, sometimes in unconventional places.

As individuals, we follow varied paths. Some of us are coaches, some work in tech, and some are artists (amongst other professions). Some are married, some are single, and some are polyamorous. Some of us attend personal development seminars and conferences regularly; some of us cherry-pick PD tips from wherever we can. We come from all walks of life, and we think that our diverse personal journeys will lend themselves to an incredibly diverse set of articles on this site.

If you want to know more about us personally, check out our who we are.

What’s this blog about?

We chose the image of a spiral to represent our mission because it captures a certain ideal we all share. A spiral, as a shape, repeats itself—similarly, we are not afraid of the repetitive work and discipline PD often takes. But as the spiral moves around, it also moves upward. We believe that continuous self-improvement can have the same effect. As we make small changes in ourselves, those changes have the potential to spread upward and outward into the surrounding world.

We believe that in order to get better at anything, you have to surround yourself with people are trying to do the same thing. Personal development doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We’re sharing what has worked for us and we hope you will share, too.

This blog is about continuous improvement. It’s about questioning and challenging yourself, accepting responsibility for the things in your life (good and bad), and simply enjoying a good life.

Since we’re people from all walks of life, we talk about all topics. As we stated above, our goal is to create an upward spiral of energy. Let this blog be your daily upward spiral (but in more intelligent and savvy language than your typical clickbait, we hope).

Leaving feedback

One of our highest values is community, and we want to hear what you have to say. Give us your thoughts in the comments (and on the future forums!). We would also love your feedback on social media, as well.

What now?

You can expect posts from us about once or twice a week. For now, we’ll leave you with a few teasers for this week: “The Lies We Tell Ourselves” by Gail, and “Successful Startups: Why Timing Really is Everything” by Tiago.

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Amy Shaw

Amy is a part-time teacher, part-time freelance writer and editor, and full-time building a life out of her passions. Always seeking new, fresh ways to improve herself, Amy's approach to personal development has shifted over time: she has been influenced by everything from Tibetan Buddhism, to New Age spirituality, to Mark Manson's "slap you in the face" style of self-help. She claims no status of guru-ship, but she hopes that you can find yourself in her down-to-earth, reflective writing. Amy is Spiraling Up's editor, and she can also be found at Fiction Edit. She loves cooking meals from scratch, drinks espresso multiple times a day, and plays in a rock band called Dr. Martino.

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