The Moon’s Influence on Humans

by Tiago on January 27

moon influence
Most new age websites and books you may come across go on and on about the effects of the moon on your mind and body. But is there any substance to such ideas? The answer, maybe surprisingly, is that there is indeed some truth to all this moon magic.

We know that animal and human activities, behavior and physiological processes are subject to fluctuations triggered by lunar cycles, seasonal changes and circadian rhythms. However, the scientific community at large haven’t really properly studied the power of lunar cycles because they don’t actually understand the exact mechanisms by which the moon affects physiology and behavior.

During the full moon, scorpions glow blue, doodlebugs dig bigger holes, lions hunt more, coral sex is rampant, European badgers urinate less, rattlesnakes don’t come out of their burrows at all, and cats and dogs suffer more injuries. So at least in the animal kingdom, the effects of the moon are present.

The pet study is particularly interesting: emergency room visits during full moon days are 28 percent higher for dogs and 23 percent higher for cats. That’s a lot! There are also some other studies that show that animal bites are more common during the full moon.

So we know that the moon messes up animals a bit. Alright. What about humans?

Humans and the Moon

Lunar research has proved controversial in the scientific community. While one group of researchers found conclusive proof that the moon does indeed affect human behavior, other groups would conclude that the moon has no real effect on human behavior. It’s worth looking into the contrary viewpoints to get the full picture.

Various studies show that during the full moon, more visits were made to hospital emergency rooms. One thing that is very difficult to deny, even if you’re a complete moon-skeptic, is that all sorts of shenanigans happen during the full moon.

For example, people who receive emergency heart surgery during the full moon are more likely to survive than if they get the surgery during any other time. Alas, you can’t exactly decide when you want to get emergency heart surgery.

Other studies show that, for some people, sleeping during the full moon is more difficult. Also, many reports suggest that the full moon is associated with an increase in crimes. mentions that the lunar cycle has an impact on menstruation, birthrate, human reproduction (especially fertility) and melatonin levels. One explanation for all this moon weirdness is the release of neurohormones in our bodies that is triggered by the gravitational pull of the moon or electromagnetic radiation.

Coming to Your Own Conclusions on a Controversial Topic

Because the mechanisms of the moon are a mystery to science, you won’t find conclusive evidence out there—it all comes down to whether you consistently feel or act differently during a certain lunar cycle.

You can examine the evidence you have and make your own conclusions and you can objectively study this interesting phenomenon by writing down how you feel and act during the various lunar cycles.

Personally, I find it easier to meditate during the full moon. It’s easier to quiet the mind.

3 Things You Can Do During The Full Moon

So let’s say that you think that there’s something to this whole moon thing. How can you take advantage of it? Here are a few things that you may want to try:

  1. Meditation – My favorite. There’s just something about meditating with the full moon in sight that really makes you want to go a bit deeper than usual. Empty your mind and focus on your breathing. The full moon will help in bringing your awareness into the moment.

  2. Romance – Let’s say that it’s a full moon night and you’re with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You’re looking at the bright starry night sky and the moonlight is shining down on the two of you. Well, there’s nothing like a wedding proposal under a full moon, right? If not, kissing is also great.

  3. Decisions – It’s always a good idea to make important life decisions when you’re at a hundred percent. Some people seem to have difficulty sleeping before or during full moon days, but others, on the other hand seem to sleep exceptionally well under the full moon. If this is you, it’s a great time to set some powerful intentions. The ritual aspect of it is also very relevant; you’re using a special day to make some important decisions. If you ever feel like slacking off, you’ll always remember that you set that one goal during the full moon—you won’t want to go back on your decision and break the magic of the ritual.

If you feel that the moon really has some kind of power that science can’t exactly explain, then always remember that magic is magic. You don’t necessarily have to dissect that which seems to work. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

Enjoy it, use it, feel it.

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