The Missing Key to Effortless Manifestation

by Brandon Olivares on September 21

missing keyThe law of attraction has been in vogue for years now, thanks to The Secret. Nevertheless, I hear all the time about people who try—and fail—to manifest their goals. If the law of attraction is such a law, why does it keep failing, or even backfiring?

If this has been your experience, then you are likely missing the one key to effortless manifestation. Without this key, manifestations will remain as nothing more than wishful thinking—or worse, you’ll get the opposite of what you wanted.

I experienced one of the smoothest manifestations recently. It was a pretty small deal, but I was shocked by it. Two years ago, I bought a grain mill, thinking we would start to mill our own flour. Unfortunately, the result was less than ideal. The mill sat on our counter, just collecting dust, until recently when I had the sudden inspiration to list it on Amazon.

I didn’t really think it’d be all that successful. I mean, who uses grain mills? But nonetheless, I listed it for a price I felt good about, and went about my day. The very next day, it had sold, and the day after that it was finally out of my kitchen.

This experience contrasts perfectly with another example of a botched manifestation. It was a time when I was very anxious about money. I was trying to improve my vibration around it, but the fear kept coming up. It was on my mind all the time, and I was just sure something bad was going to happen.

Sure enough, the next month, my wife and I received a fraction of the income we normally would. It was so bad we did not know how we would get through the month. But, it motivated me to really get serious about successful manifestation, and that’s when I began to realize the importance of the principle I’ll discuss below. Pretty soon, money was flowing in from all sorts of channels, and for the first time, I was feeling positive about our financial future.

I would not recommend cutting it so close before you figure this out, which is why I’m writing this article. But I certainly have to admit that it was effective.

So what is this key to effortless manifestation?

Let Go

Told you it was simple. The key is to let go. Stop trying so hard to manifest your desire.

When I successfully sold the grain mill, I just listed it and forgot all about it. I was totally shocked when I got the email notification the next day. Similarly, when I let go enough to allow the money to finally start flowing, after the scare we had, everything that happened was totally unexpected. I was not trying to make it manifest, as if such a thing were possible. I simply let go, and the Universe did the rest.

When I was trying—and failing—to manifest more money, I was putting forth a lot of effort. I was visualizing, affirming, and applying every technique I could to make it manifest. But all that happened was that it emphasized my lack of money, as well as my fear about not having enough. As a result, I got exactly that.

You see, when you are trying very hard to make your goals come about, you are showing the Universe that you don’t really believe it will happen. If you believed your goals would manifest, then you would simply set your intention and let go.

Having Vs. Wanting

Does this mean that you can’t think about your goals at all? Absolutely not. There is a point to be made for simply setting the intention and moving on, but that’s hard for a lot of us, including me. If you can do that, then you won’t need the techniques discussed below.

What you need to do is to feel better about your goal. However, you intend to feel better not for the purpose of manifesting your goal, but simply for the purpose of feeling better, and thereby altering the vibration you are sending out there into the world. The world simply reflects exactly what you are feeling within. Shift your inner state, and the world must shift, too.

You should try to feel a sense of having your goal, as opposed to wanting it. Imagine that in front of you lies a piece of chocolate cake. As long as you are sitting here, wanting it, you are not having it. It is more of a longing it. You’d love to have it, but you aren’t having it right now.

Now imagine, instead, that you choose to “eat the cake.” Now you have it. You no longer have the wanting, or longing, for it, because it is right here, in your experience. It feels much more comfortable for you than did the feeling of wanting and not having.

Similarly, when people think about their goals, usually they will think about them with a sense of wanting. Just like the chocolate cake above, as long as they want it, they cannot have it. Wanting and having are mutually exclusive. The key is to shift into a place of having, within yourself, the feeling of your goal.

Let’s take once more the example of me manifesting money. When I was desperate for it, trying to manifest it, I was noticing all the money I didn’t have. As long as I was noticing the lack of it, I was feeling the wanting of it, and none of it was coming into my life. Indeed, less of it came into my life, because I was focusing so strongly on not having it.

Look for Evidence of Your Manifestation

Yet when I shifted to the feeling of having it, it began to flow effortlessly, without me even doing anything. The only difference was that I started to notice the money I really did have. I didn’t think about it not being enough for the bills; I simply noticed and appreciated the money I already had. Then, when I received even a small amount, I appreciated it and saw it as evidence that my manifestation was coming.

So when you are thinking of your goal, be very particular about how you think about it. Instead of noticing how much it is not here yet, instead shift your focus to evidence of it arriving into your life. Enter into the state of having and receiving that goal. Feel the emotions you’d feel if it were part of your life right now.

I mentioned in my previous article that it is vital to deliberately focus your mind on the things you want to see in the world. If you allow the world to dictate your focus, you will always get more of the same. Stubbornly focus on the having of your goal, and it will quickly show up in your life. But as I said above, don’t feel this state because you want the goal, but simply because it feels good to do so. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of thinking about your goal in your life. If it doesn’t feel good, then don’t put your focus there.

When it comes right down to it, manifestation becomes a rather simple affair. It is a matter of deliberately placing your focus where you want it to be, rather than where your outside circumstances dictate it should be. But when you are in the habit of responding to outer circumstances, it can be difficult to really put this into practice. You must be diligent to observe how you are feeling. Don’t fear negative states, but simply choose to veer towards the positive whenever possible. Stop trying so hard to make your goal happen, and simply enjoy having it within yourself. This is the key to effortless manifestation.

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Brandon Olivares

Brandon Olivares is a spiritual law of attraction coach. He loves teaching people how to actually get results with the law of attraction, and create a life they truly love. Get his free 7-day law of attraction course to learn how to finally start making progress towards your manifestations.

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Alberto Lopez September 10, 2017 at 12:32 pm

Brandon dear,
Thank you so much for your words; through them I have lifted to an state of having already. Big big hug!


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