The Magic of Manifestation

by Brandon Olivares on October 14

magic4Along my spiritual journey, I’ve explored a lot of different paths. A few of those paths included the exploration of magic. My spiritual journey began in the study of Wicca and then moved to Neo-Paganism as a whole. Later, I explored occult ceremonial magic.

Why do I bring this up today? Because lately, I have been considering the parallels between the law of attraction and magic. Actually, they are more than just parallels. I would hazard to say that the law of attraction is magic—perhaps repackaged in a more acceptable way for the public, but magic nonetheless.

It makes a great deal of sense. The law of attraction in its current form has been around for about a century. However, truth is eternal. If something is true, then you can bet that people have been realizing this truth for centuries, if not millennia.

So what principle has existed in human history for thousands of years, which is rather similar to the principles of the law of attraction? That’s right: magic. Magic has been around since ancient Egypt and Babylon at the very least, and in its essential form, humans have always been trying to manipulate the reality around them to be more favorable. Prayer itself is a form of magic.

I hear you saying, “This may be true, but what practical use is this to me today?” I think it has significant relevance to anyone who wants to manifest their own reality.

Basic Principles of Magic

When you strip magical rituals down to their core components, what you find is that they have one goal: to elicit a very specific state in the magician. For example, if you are performing a money ritual, the aim of the ritual is to elicit the state of abundance within you. If you simply perform the ritual as written, without feeling the “right” emotions, it will be useless.

Let me tell you a secret: almost none of the symbolic tools, herbs, scents, etc., of a ritual mean anything at all. They’ve been given certain attributions, but those attributions are human-made. What is more, you’ll find if you read enough sources, some attributions actually conflict with one another from source to source.

All that matters in the magical ritual is that you believe it is working. Just as in the law of attraction, if you believe it enough, it will become true for you. Does that mean it is true for everyone? Of course not. But it only needs to be true for you, until you obtain the desired result.

Now, some rituals benefit from a sort of collective unconscious symbolism. There’s a major ritual of ceremonial magic called the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which banishes all energy from a particular area. It is a quite potent ritual, even if you don’t believe it 100%. The reason is not that it is objectively true, but that people have practiced and believed in this ritual for so long, it almost takes on a life of its own.

You can experience the same thing if you walk into any church. I find this is true especially of more traditional churches, such as a Catholic church. The older the church, the better. If you are sensitive to energy, you’ll feel a definite divine presence the moment you walk in. It doesn’t matter if you, yourself, are Christian. What matters is that believers have met and worshiped in that space for decades, or sometimes even centuries, and the collective energy of worship has made that location almost a ritualistic symbol, similar to a magical talisman.

Everyday Rituals

I’m not asking you to go out and acquire a bunch of magical tools. The whole point of this post is to illustrate that these things actually aren’t necessary. You can get the same results in much simpler ways.

We actually perform rituals every day. Think of any significant routine you have. If that routine were to change even a little, you would feel out of sorts. That routine gives you comfort and a sense of normalcy. What did we say it is called when something elicits a specific state? A ritual.

In my own life, I love watching the Tonight Show at 11:30. For years, I have watched this show before bed. Even though most days I don’t really pay attention while it’s on, it brings a great deal of comfort just to have the show on in the background. In essence, it is a ritual of comfort.

Another ritual is that my wife, Christine, and I will lie in bed and just talk for at least 30 minutes before bed, and often much longer. We’ve tried cutting this part of our night out, so as to get to bed earlier, but it never works. We both love this time of the day. It could theoretically happen at any other time of day, but for some reason, this is the time we prefer. It feels weird if we don’t have our nightly conversation.

Remember, we are creatures of habit. If you intentionally broke every one of your routines and habits for a day, you would feel extremely vulnerable. We can take only so many new experiences at a time.

Not all rituals are positive. Often times, we perform rituals that actually hurt us. How do you feel when paying bills? If it’s not a positive experience for you, you’re actually performing a negative ritual. It’s not the bills themselves that are negative, but the state that they elicit within you.

Why does this matter? The law of attraction says that whatever we focus on emotionally, we get more of. If you perform a ritual (i.e., any action) that brings you comfort, you will get more comfortable things in your life. If you perform a ritual that brings you a feeling of lack, such as paying bills, you will get more lack in your life.

Most of the time, we are getting a mixed bag of states throughout the day. You aren’t always paying bills, so chances are that feeling of lack isn’t hugely prevalent, unless of course you are worrying about money all day. If you notice the variable nature of your inner state, and compare it to the results you are getting in life, you will see they are the same. That is, you’re getting some lack, some comfort, even some abundance, but unless you are intentionally and successfully practicing the law of attraction, chances are these outer results aren’t very predictable to you right now.

Creating Your Own Rituals

What if you began to consciously change the states you felt throughout the day by changing the rituals? Either you would create new rituals, or you would change the current ones to get different results. Do you think perhaps your outer results would become more uniform? Do you think perhaps you would get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want?

Now you see the power of intentional magic. No, you don’t need to go out and carve a wand from a tree branch—unless you really want to, of course. But, you can alter your everyday rituals to focus more on the states you want to have greater amounts of in your life. Do you want more abundance? Perform rituals that elicit the state of abundance within you.

Only you can really say what these rituals are. For me, one of my greatest rituals of abundance is to go out to dinner, or to order in. It’s something I really enjoy, and so a great luxury to me.

It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Perhaps you feel abundant by getting dressed up nicely, or by renting a good movie. Only you can say what it is for you that elicits that state.

Meanwhile, you have to stop doing the things that make you feel negative. If you are wanting to create more abundance, stop worrying about money, or doing anything that reminds you of money.

Of course, some rituals you can’t avoid, such as paying bills. But don’t pay them in the moment you are feeling worst. First, get yourself into a place of feeling more positive. Think about all the great things you get from paying this bill. It’s great to have electricity, gas, water, cable, internet, phone, etc. What would you do without these things? Try to only pay the bill when you can truly feel thankful for the opportunity to pay for this service. Make it a ritual of abundance, instead of a ritual of lack.

This will work for any intention. I’m just using abundance as an example. The important thing is to find those things that make you feel how you want to feel.

You Are Always Doing Magic

If your inner state is really what creates the manifestation, then you are always doing magic. Most of us are just sloppy about allowing our inner state to dip into negative ranges for far too long, far too often.

But if you realize that you are always doing magic, then you will become much more purposeful in your actions, words, and thoughts. You will stop focusing on things that make you feel negative. You will start focusing on things that uplift you and keep you positive.

In so doing, you will become a purposeful magician, effortlessly creating your own life. You will make your thoughts, words, and actions your magical tools. You will take full responsibility for the condition of your life, because you’ll realize that it simply reflects your inner state. By eliciting a different state, you will get different results. And herein lay the vast power that we all possess.

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Brandon Olivares

Brandon Olivares is a spiritual law of attraction coach. He loves teaching people how to actually get results with the law of attraction, and create a life they truly love. Get his free 7-day law of attraction course to learn how to finally start making progress towards your manifestations.

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Tracy Starreveld September 4, 2017 at 5:25 am

Thank you for this Brandon – I found it really interesting and thought-provoking.
Loved how you made parallels between the law of attraction and other types of magic!
If OK with you, I’d like to include a link to your post in my next one : )
All the best,


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