Tarot with Holly: A Guide to Finding a Legit Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant or Astrologer

by Holly on February 10

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Finding talented and genuine readers can be a hard task these days, and people are right to be suspicious of scam-artists—I’m sure I don’t need to tell you clever folk not to drop your precious dollars on obvious rackets like psychic hotlines. Ive had more readings than I care to keep track of, and while many have been wonderful, enlightening, soul-nurturing experiences, Ive also had my share of uninspiring, money-wasting sessions. Lucky for you, dear readers, Ive learnt how to sort the wheat from the chaff so that you dont have to! 

Get Referrals from People You Know

This is the best, most sure-fire way to find a decent reader who wont rip you off, bring you down, or give you a lousy, meaningless reading. Some of the best readers Ive seen Ive come across by word of mouth. I usually feel much more confident going into a reading if someone I know reports a positive experience with a tarot reader or clairvoyant. It means I can ask a series of questions about what the reader is like, how they work, what their fees are, and decide from there if theyll suit what Im looking for.

Find a Reader with a Good Bedside Manner

There is nothing worse than a reader with a poor ability to relate to people or to relay information in a sensitive way. In fact, I’d go so far to say it is potentially dangerous given that many clients seek guidance at times of personal crisis.

Years ago, I saw a tarot reader at Sydney’s much loved, and unfortunately now defunct, metaphysical bookstore, Adyar, that had a dedicated space for tarot, psychic and Aura-Soma readings. I made an appointment for a half hour reading with a psychic tarot reader who, while experienced, was overly-direct and careless in her delivery. She seemed to have a good handle on what I was going through, but gave no consideration to how her insights might affect me. Not to mention, she had an alarm clock set and promptly scooped her cards up and waved me off when my time was up. I felt like I’d been hit by truck by the time I left.

While readers are not (usually) trained therapists, it is important they are in-tune with the sensitivities of their clients and prioritise their experience of the reading above all else. Look for keywords on a reader’s site that indicate they have a person-centred approach to their work. If possible, have a conversation with them prior to finalising your appointment to get a sense of they how communicate. Ask them questions. Outline what you are not comfortable with from the outset. If you are concerned about being told bad news, tell them so. Any decent reader will not tell you that you have months to live, or that the world, as you know it, is about to end.

Do Your Homework

There is nothing wrong with sourcing a reader online, but please do your homework! Some things to look for are:holly tarrot 2

  • A quality website. It should be professional, well organised, and easy to navigate. Sites that are sloppy, laden with ads or that redirect you to other pages scream SCAM! So does anything that promises to ‘tell your fate’, ‘save you from disaster’ or ‘give you the secret to your life’s happiness.’

  • Experience and qualifications. Find their ‘about’ page to make sure they are an actual person with something to say about their experience. What is their professional background? Have they studied astrology, tarot or other healing arts? How long have they been practising? What is their process? Do they belong to any associations like the Federation of Australian Astrologers?

  • Testimonials. A good reader with experience will usually have a testimonials page with feedback from a number of customers—hopefully very happy ones!

  • Reputable sites that provide ad space for professional readers. Sites like Natural Therapy Pages are a handy way to search for readers in the one place. Usually they are required to pay a fee and list a minimum amount of information to describe their experience, often accompanied by a photo. Again, a helpful way to know they are a real person.

Use Your Own Intuition

I fully appreciate the romance of having a spontaneous reading by a random sage in gypsy garb, so if you really want to, go for it. There are dedicated and talented readers who work their magic at arts markets, new age festivals, and cafes, rather than out of their homes or offices. My word of wisdom in this case is to use your intuition—you have it for a reason. Go with a person you feel drawn to, and don’t be afraid to ask the same questions and provide the same outlines as you would if you were making an enquiry or appointment. Most of all, enjoy it! A reading should be a fun experience that adds depth and understanding to your current circumstances, and leaves you feeling clearer and more purposeful going forward.

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Holly is a social worker, writer and social justice advocate. She became interested in personal development in her early 20s when she stumbled across a web forum where she met members of the Spiraling Up crew. Holly is interested in psychology, spirituality and astrology. She currently resides in Victoria, Australia where she works full-time as a support worker and plays with spoken word and written poetry.

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Sue Rawlinson February 10, 2016 at 10:39 pm

Great article – a good read. It all makes sense.


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