Surrendered Focus: Learning How to “Drive” the Universe

by Brandon Olivares on November 19

Effortless ManifestationI’ve written before that manifestation should be effortless. However, I would like to go more deeply into that topic. What is the ideal state for manifesting? How much effort is truly required? How little can we get away with?

That’s right, I said how little. When it comes to manifestations, laziness can be on your side. I know for myself, when a process is too complicated, I constantly second-guess myself. Am I doing it right? Did I do it long enough? But, it’s actually all quite simple.

The Paradox of Effortless Manifestation

I’ve realized more and more recently that manifestation requires ultimate surrender and letting go. However, people often ask, “If I surrender, doesn’t it mean I’m telling the Universe I’m okay without my manifestation?”

This is where this paradox enters in. For the quickest manifestations, you need to have a balance between surrender and focus. In a way, you need to both let go, as well as very slightly control the direction of the universal flow.

It’s a bit of a dance. The less you try, the more you can do, yet to try little or not at all does not mean you aren’t holding a desire.

I like to use the analogy of a car. To drive a car, you actually need to put forth very little effort, in comparison to the massive energy output of the car itself. The way most people manifest would be like you getting out of the car and trying to push it down the road. You might make a bit of progress, but pretty soon, you’ll think the Universe is against you. Yet if you would actually get in the car, start the engine, and press down on the gas pedal with the lightest pressure, the car would soon be moving very quickly.

The Universe is the car. Most people who are trying to put forth great effort to accomplish their goals are getting out and trying to push that car down the road. And many of them are proud of how far they have come, too.

Surrendered focusNow if you were the one pushing your car down the road, and suddenly another car came zooming by, what would you think? Perhaps you’d think how unfair life is. Maybe you’d think the person in that other car was just greedy and selfish, getting around so quickly while you were struggling. But what you probably wouldn’t realize is that the person in the other car actually figured out how to operate that car, and if you learned those same principles, you, too, would be zooming down the road to your destination.

Getting back to the principle of surrendered focus, do you drive around wondering whether you’ll get to your destination, assuming you know the way there? More likely, you simply trust the car, perhaps along with a GPS, to get you there safely, while you put in the minimal effort required by you.

Emphasizing the surrender too much over the focus would be like driving without a destination in mind, or having a destination but then simply not caring enough to get there. But emphasizing the focus over the surrender would be like obsessively thinking about getting to your destination, without noticing the beautiful scenery around you. You might even get lost a few times from worrying about it so much, delaying your arrival.

The perfect balance, then, is a beautiful dance with the Universe, giving it most of the control, while focusing on the destination just enough to know where you are headed.

Step 1: Surrender

Obviously, to put this into effect, you need to get the surrender part down. If your manifestation is very important to you, it is unlikely you’ll mess up on the focus, so this is really the most important step.

How do you surrender? It’s simple, though not necessarily easy. It requires two elements:

  • Trust and faith that the Universe always brings you your highest good.
  • The realization that happiness can only come from within.

The first element is trust and faith. In reality, 99% of the process will be invisible to you. You can’t keep checking on whether it has manifested yet. It’s like kids asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” You could say, perhaps, a watched desire never manifests.

Instead, you need to know on a deep level that nothing is ever denied you. It is not dependent on your worthiness. It is not dependent on how much good karma you have. That’s like believing only good people can drive cars. Anyone can drive cars, so long as they know how to drive. Just so, anyone can manifest their reality, so long as they know how to operate the law of attraction.

If you’ve done your part, it is coming. It’s not a maybe, or even a probably. The Universe will never try to teach you a lesson. This is a mechanical process. Nothing more, nothing less. It is mere input and output. Input the right data, and the Universe will output the desired results.

This should be a comfort. If you aren’t getting your manifestation, you only have one place to look: yourself. If you don’t get the search results you wanted on Google, you don’t blame Google. You realize you didn’t enter the right keywords. You can’t enter “cooking” as a keyword and expect to get results about gulf.

The second element is realizing that happiness can only come from within. The reason we are so attached to our desires is because we think they will give us something we don’t already have. Hint: that something is always a feeling. You want money because you believe it will give you security, freedom, or prestige. You want a relationship because you believe they can complete you in some way.

There comes a point when you realize none of this is true, and the sooner this happens, the better. You have to be willing to give yourself those feelings before the manifestation will ever come. You have to give yourself the feeling of security before the money will come. You have to give yourself the feeling of completeness and wholeness before the relationship will come.

As above, the reason this happens is not because the Universe wants to teach you a lesson. It is simply because of the nature of the law of attraction. The LOA is attracted not to thoughts or desires, but to feelings. If you desire money, but have the feeling of poverty, you’ll only get more and more poverty. If you desire a relationship but only feel loneliness, you’ll only manifest more loneliness.

The moment you start giving yourself abundance, security, wholeness and the rest, your manifestation has no choice but to rush into your life. If you open up the faucet, the water has no choice but to come pouring out.

Focus Step 2: Focus

Now surrender is hopefully taken care of. The focus generally should take care of itself, but I will give a few important points on this topic.

First is that you need to give the right kind of focus. Because of element #2 above, you can’t focus negatively on your desired manifestation. If every time you think of money, you are worrying about it, you’re only going to get more worry. It just so happens that generally, the more you feel you need to focus on a topic, the more you are actually worrying about it. Following the instructions in step 1 will help you to reduce how much you feel you need to focus.

I recommend deliberately focusing on your manifestation only once or twice per day, for as long as you need to. Many people say about 15 minutes, but if you’ve focused for two minutes and feel at peace about it, then extending it will only sabotage your work. Even 10-15 seconds of pure focus, free of resistance, will do wonders for your manifestation.

Secondly, don’t intentionally try to think about your manifestation other than these few deliberate times. If it does come up naturally, be sure it is in a positive, peaceful, expectant way. Be excited about the manifestation. Look forward to it coming into your life. This will happen more and more naturally as you work through your resistance.

If you do happen to worry, immediately soothe that worry. Don’t repress it, but accept it as the message it is, that you are focusing in an unhelpful way. Accept the emotion, and easily let it go. Try your best not to get caught up in it.

There are plenty of techniques for letting go of negative emotions like this. My favorite is tapping, especially using a method called Faster EFT. But use whatever works best for you.

After you’ve let go of the worrying thought, spend a few seconds just to bask in the peace that is left over. This will tell your subconscious that this is where you want to focus now. In fact, throughout your day, try as much as possible to return to a place of peace within yourself. This will show you rather quickly that happiness does indeed only come from within. You don’t need to manufacture positive feelings, only to return to a clear state of peacefulness.

Putting It All Together

Notice how effortless the above is. There’s no need for complicated visualizations or specific affirmations, unless they really make you feel good when you use them. Simply surrender, give yourself the feeling you desire, and focus lightly on the destination.

You are in full control here. You just haven’t had driving lessons yet. Learn how the controls work, and you’ll have no problem at all getting to where you want to go.

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Brandon Olivares

Brandon Olivares is a spiritual law of attraction coach. He loves teaching people how to actually get results with the law of attraction, and create a life they truly love. Get his free 7-day law of attraction course to learn how to finally start making progress towards your manifestations.

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Kahnie November 22, 2015 at 5:39 am

Wow really great post, I love the car analogy because that really helped me to better understand and visualize the concept you were portraying. That was me at one point, pushing my car slowly down the road and struggling to do so while watching others speed past me, but I wised up and figured out how to get in the car and push the pedal. Work harder not smarter, right! I love your post, keep writing you’re great at it!


Brandon November 23, 2015 at 4:57 pm

Thanks Kahnie!

I’m glad you’re starting to learn how to drive your metaphorical car. All this should really not require effort. If it feels like work, including your visualization and all the other manifestation techniques, you’re trying to make it happen, which will never work. Usually when force is involved like that, it means we are covering up some resistance we don’t want to take a look at.

Take it easy, feel better little-by-little, and you’ll see results in no time. It’s all about where you’re putting your focus. 😀


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