Spiraling Up is currently accepting submissions from guest contributors. We are open to publishing and discussing a broad range of topics and themes, so long as they are aligned with our purpose and values. To find out what those are go here and here. Please also take the time to read our site to get a feel for our community and the sorts of articles we are interested in publishing.

If, however, you need some more ideas, here are the sorts of things we go for:

  • First-person essays that challenge, inspire, or teach us something
  • Articles that share knowledge and expertise in a specialized area that relates to personal development.
  • Writing that is smart, well thought-out, and original
  • Unorthodox and unconventional ideas and stories are welcome. This includes but is not limited to: alternative lifestyles, spirituality and new-age themes and practices, op-eds on controversial topics


Send a completed article (800-1700 words) to Please also include a short biography of yourself with links, if you have them. Spiraling Up also accepts simultaneous submissions and will reprint articles with permission from the source where the article first appeared.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can’t offer compensation if we choose to publish you. This is a labor of love for us, too. 

Please note that articles may undergo light editing before publication.