Staying Grounded

by Spiraling Up on January 22

SU Hacks 3

  1. Nature is the ultimate grounding tool. Taking a walk in nature, especially barefoot in the sand or grass, helps to reestablish our connection to the earth and keep us grounded.
  2. Do a quick tree meditation: close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine your feet being pulled down and rooting into the ground below you. Feel those roots drawing the energy of the earth up into your body.
  3. Use your hands to literally connect your body to the ground below. Simply run both hands from the top of your head, down the sides of your body and legs, over your feet, and press them to the ground.
  4. As our bodies are mostly water, immersion in water keeps us connected to our bodies, and brings us down out of that ungrounded, out there head space. Head to the beach, take a dip in a lake, or if that’s not practical, even soaking in a tub will do the trick.
  5. Eat grounding “from the earth” foods. Root veggies like beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, as well as ginger and garlic are good choices.
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Simone January 22, 2016 at 4:35 pm

Love it! Totally relate! Try this: Mix a spoonful of earth into your coffee each morning! Sometimes coffee can make you flighty and unbalanced, a spoonful of earth in your cup will keep you grounded while you get going in the morning! Helpful hint: Try getting a worm in there too for a little extra protein if you’re rushing out the door.


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