Spiraling Up Hacks: Organizing Your House

by Spiraling Up on January 8

Spiraling Up Hacks” is a Friday series we are starting this month. Every Friday, we will give you 5 hacks—useful ones, helpful ones, and funny ones. We hope you enjoy, and add your own hacks in the comments!

1. Before you start organizing, think about what you want to accomplish. To get things out of the way? Have easy access?

2. Plan a fixed place for everything so you don’t have to leave things “here for now.”

3. Don’t start anything you cannot finish. That just leads to a bigger mess.

4. Have a box or shelf to put all the things that you need to organize later so it doesn’t accumulate on your kitchen table. Bonus points for having a box for every person who lives in your house!

5. Clean away everything before going to bed at night, so you wake up to a clean house and start the day positively.

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Sue Rawlinson January 8, 2016 at 6:19 pm

Good advice, thank you Sandra.


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