Spiraling Up Hacks: Being Lazy

by Spiraling Up on January 15

SU Hacks

Illustration by Emily Alderman

Spiraling Up Hacks” is a Friday series we are starting this month. Every Friday, we will give you 5 hacks—useful ones, helpful ones, and funny ones. We hope you enjoy, and add your own hacks in the comments!

1. Pick an hour/day/week in advance and let everybody know you are not available that day. Use whatever excuse will work to get them to leave you alone.

2. Set the tone for the day by starting it with inactivity. Stay in bed as long as possible until a full bladder or hunger forces you out.

3. Think carefully about what you are doing. Can any of it possibly wait until tomorrow? If so, then don’t do it now.

4. Prepare well. Have money to get pizza delivered, or cook in advance. Also make sure you stock up on snacks so you don’t have to go out for those either.

5. Avoid too much caffeine, since the energy will soon make you look for excuses to do something.

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