meditationIn my last article, I talked about concentration meditation and its benefits. Now I want to talk a bit more about some obstacles that arise as you try to improve your meditation practice and their solutions. In particular, I’m going to focus on the topics of food and posture.

I’ve noticed that even very smart people who’ve been meditating for a while often miss this simple connection. They just know that at certain points in the day they meditate better. Food and posture are a big deal!

Do you fall asleep when you try to meditate?

In the West, many use meditation to feel more relaxed because their lives contain a lot of stress and certainly, meditation helps with managing stress. But something I’ve noticed is that proper meditation doesn’t make you sleepy or tired at all unless you had a very poor night’s sleep.

Assuming you’re well rested, if every time you meditate you start yawning and getting sleepy, then there are a few possible culprits, with how much sleep you got the previous night being one of them and posture being another one.

Lying down to meditate doesn’t usually work out for me, and many people report the same thing—you’re too relaxed when you’re in sleeping position, and it makes it more difficult to meditate. You should be able to find a comfortable body position that doesn’t make you sleepy after a few practice sessions.

Eventually you’ll figure it out, and you can start meditating without having to shift, shuffle, and move for five minutes before actually starting to meditate. You just sit and within a few seconds, you’re already entering meditation. [click to continue…]


love languages 1Of course you love your partner. Why else would you bother to come home every single day, after a hard day of work only to listen to your wife nag about how you are not doing enough, that the dishes don’t do themselves, and how dare you play a video game to relax for a bit instead of talking with her about those new shoes she bought, THAT YOU PAID FOR!

Of course you love your partner. If not, you would have kicked him out already after the zillionth time he leaves his dirty socks for you to pick up, puts the dirty dishes on the counter, instead of going through the huge amount of effort of putting them into the dishwasher, RIGHT BELOW WHERE HE PUT THEM ON THE COUNTER!

It seems like we have our hate languages down pretty well. We know how to get under each other’s skin, what to do to get a rise out of our partner. And that is pretty normal—after all, we know each other.

And yet, for some reason, it is so much more difficult to make sure that our partner not only knows that they are loved, but also really feels loved.

What is the difference? Well . . . knowing that chocolate chip cookies taste good is something entirely different from actually eating them. It’s the same with love. Knowing someone loves you is all fine and dandy, but if it is not accompanied by also feeling that love, the knowing becomes less and less secure, and little things will accumulate and annoy more and more, until you don’t even know if you love that person, or if they love you. [click to continue…]

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Listening to the Language of the Heart

by Tony Fahkry on May 4


I want you to close your eyes for a moment. Bring your attention to your chest, and place your attention on the feelings and sensations around your chest. While seated, continue to breathe easily and direct your focus on this region. You might encounter tingling feelings, images might flash across your mind – let them show up.

Now open your eyes.

Welcome to the resonance of the heart. You have embarked on the first step in experiencing your heart energy. [click to continue…]


BuddhaEntire libraries can be written on the subject of concentration meditation, and it still wouldn’t be enough to cover everything. This article will be much shorter and aimed at those that are wondering about the benefits of concentration meditation.

Concentration meditation at its core is simply the act of focusing on an object with your mind (usually the breath). It’s something that is in theory very simple to do, but in practice, if you want to reach deeper states, you will have to put in a lot of effort. Concentration meditation was the Buddha’s traditional yogic approach, also known as Samatha. [click to continue…]