New Year’s Wishes

by Spiraling Up on December 31



For me: In 2016, I hope to see great progress and even greater rewards in all of the things I care so much about—my music, writing, editing, teaching, and the various projects I’ve collaborated on with others. I’m grateful for this untraditional “career” I’ve put together, and I want to achieve so much more.

For you: I hope that 2016 brings you the motivation to accomplish your dreams.

For us: I hope we continue to work hard and put our heads together to make Spiraling Up the best personal development blog out there.

Gail - new bio pic circleGail

For me: The first thought that comes to mind for my wish for 2016 is “No Surprises!” So I will reframe that into a positive intention, and wish for a year of comfort and contentment. I also wish to grow my empathy and compassion, and to see that reflected back to me exponentially. So I’m wishing for a huge boost of empathy and compassion in the world at large.

For you:
I wish for everyone to find that little part of themselves that they may have closed off, for whatever reason, open it up a crack, and let in something new. Be it a new love, a new perspective, new knowledge, a new challenge, or a new belief.

To let in something new and see how that works for you.

For us: I wish that sharing a piece of ourselves here enables us touch others, in some small way, and become a positive catalyst for them in their own varied journeys.


For me: This coming year I’ll be focusing on my health and my creativity. I plan to get in excellent physical shape and to reach a new level of emotional and mental well-being. I also put out to the universe, through my continued handwork and determination, to create a body of work that I am proud of and hopefully receives some broader recognition in 2016.

For you: World Peace! But really, I wish health, peace and simple joy for everyone.

For us: I hope that we continue to carve out a little niche on the interwebz that fosters community and puts forth quality ideas for our readers to share and discuss.


For me: I hope that 2016 is filled with projects coming to fruition, getting recognized for my work, and continue lots and lots of travel.

For you: I hope that 2016 will bring new opportunities and is filled with abundance and magic

For us: I want to get to know us, bring us closer together and grow this community of awesome people.

tiago Tiago

For me: In 2016 I’ll be focusing on creativity and innovation, though I’m not sure what shape these two things are going to take.

For you: I’d like for the world’s diversity and wide spectrum of beliefs to be balanced with a strong sense of unity. Let us have unity-in-diversity!

For us: To make Spiraling Up *the* personal development site.




For me: I hope the new year brings more clarity on how to live the life I want. 2015 is ending with a lot of questions, hopefully 2016 ends with more answers.

I also hope the new Captain America is as good as the last one.

For you: I hope you make the decisions that lead to getting what you want. Especially if your life currently sucks. I hope 2016 is better.

For us: I hope the Spiraling Up community continues to grow as it has. It’s a lot of fun talking about self-improvement with you guys.

It would also be really great for everyone if Michael Bay stops releasing movies. Happy New Year everyone!

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