Listening to the Language of the Heart

by Tony Fahkry on May 4


I want you to close your eyes for a moment. Bring your attention to your chest, and place your attention on the feelings and sensations around your chest. While seated, continue to breathe easily and direct your focus on this region. You might encounter tingling feelings, images might flash across your mind – let them show up.

Now open your eyes.

Welcome to the resonance of the heart. You have embarked on the first step in experiencing your heart energy.

The voice of the heart is quiet and assuring, though it can be drowned out by the relentless mental dialogue at play in our minds.

The language of the heart is the call of the soul, which echoes in a faint whisper.

Upon closer examination, we see the ego is dominant, relentless, and ill-advised to help us navigate life. It is the cunning friend with honest intentions, spurring us towards insensitive acts of courage.

In comparison, the heart speaks in a clear and reassuring way to reinforce our personal success and soul’s transformation.

The Way of the Heart

I am reminded of a delightful tale by the late Indian Jesuit priest and psychotherapist, Anthony de Mello:

“What must I do to attain holiness?” said a traveller.

“Follow your heart,” said the Master.

That seemed to please the traveller.

Before he left, however, the Master said to him in a whisper, “To follow your heart you are going to need a strong constitution.”

A strong constitution is required since the heart’s wisdom will often conflict with the logic of the mind. It is experienced as an emotion, a sensation, or an inner experience, while the mind’s narrative is firm and resolute.

It is challenging to live by our heart because we are unfamiliar communicating with itour focus is fixed on left brain logic. It is the analysis and over-analysis of our mind that leads to paralysis of the body.

It is as simple and yet as involved as the message from author Gary Zukav, who affirms in The Seat Of The Soul, “Feel your intentions in your heart. Feel not what your mind tells you, but what your heart tells you.”

Our addiction can lead us to react to external events while being insensitive to the call of our inner wisdom.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

To experience the way of the heart, we must develop the capacity to listen. This is challenging when our environment constantly summons our attention. We are exposed to fear-based news stories, products, or services we don’t need or, worse still, a celebrity scandal that carries no real importance in our lives.

We don’t have to be drawn into this endless drama. We can choose to be led by the call of our spirit, which knows the way.

To know the language of the heart is the essence of love, the foundation of universal power.

Love is the highest order conferred to us at the moment of conception. Millions of people spend their entire life in search of their soulmate, while all along they seek to experience the essence of their soul.

Heart-Based Living

We must try to live from the heart, instead of a self-centered existence imposed by what is missing in our life.

This heart-based living I speak of is a return to wholeness. We never disconnect from this aspect of our being, aside from when we become distracted and lose our way.

Similarly, language is not confined to that which is learned and communicated through words. It is conveyed through intuition, sensations, feelings and an inner knowing. We must connect with this inner wisdom to know the entirety of our being.

Meditation and regular silence are valuable to connect with the heart because we lower the volume on the endless chatter that occupies the spaces between our thoughts.

For many, to retreat into silence means being alone with their thoughts, however disconcerting that may be.

The voice of the heart shows itself through feelings that connect you to your soul. When we honour these feelings and intentions they lead us back home where we yearn to be.

It was Hans Christian Andersen who said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” This music lives in our heart and is discernible if we fall silent long enough to hear its message.

To be guided by your heart while using the logic of the mind is to unify mind and body, so that every thought and action emerges from intentional living.

“When we are willing to set aside the contents of an “overstuffed” mind and walk the trail unburdened, we’ll discover that it’s difficult not to hear what the heart wants to say,” states author Dennis Merritt Jones.

So as our attention deepens into our heart, we discover in that stillness our eternal soul calling us to be one again.

For as the Master knew all along: to follow your heart demands a firm constitution.

After all, the way of the heart will adopt everything the mind is unable to embrace.

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Tony is a leading health and self-empowerment expert. He brings over twelve years’ experience at the highest level as a professional speaker and author. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behaviour. He has written for Thought Catalog, Medium, Starts at Sixty, OnMogul, SelfGrowth, LinkedIn Pulse and more. He enjoys coaching individuals via Skype in the areas of Health and Lifestyle Coaching and is available for consultations.

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