Learning the Language of the Universe

by Brandon Olivares on January 13

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I’ve been working on developing a certain process for manifesting any desire. I go into great detail regarding this process on my website, Co-Creation Coaching, but here I will give an overview of the process, and how you can apply it to your life.

I call it the Effortless Manifestation Process. Why? Well, because it’s effortless, and it’s a process for manifestation. What you see is what you get.

The process consists of two separate steps. I’ve discussed at least the first step, mindfulness, in the past, but here you will see how it fits into the rest.

This quote by Abraham-Hicks perfectly encapsulates this process: “Be happy with what is and eager for more.”

Step 1: Making Peace with What Is
Also known as: “Be happy with what is”

As long as you are focused on the negative qualities of your present experience, there is no way that you can reach your manifestation. For many people, they jump right to step 2, which is to try to actually manifest their desire. But, step 1 should not be ignored. In fact, I would say that it is the most important step. It is, in essence, what separates daydreaming from the act of creation.

Fortunately, step 1 isn’t all that difficult. It might take some time, and cannot be rushed, but if you are persistent about it, you will see results quickly.

Accept What Is Here Already

The first part is simply to be honest about how you feel. If you feel fearful, don’t act like everything is okay. I know that in the law of attraction, emphasis is often put on pretending things are other than they are, but pretending to feel other than you really feel will only continue to bring you the same results.

So, admit how you feel. Admit that you’re frustrated, or fearful, or angry. Stop fighting and pushing against that reality.

Once you stop pushing against it, you’re almost immediately going to feel a sense of relief. Often for the first time, you’re allowing yourself to feel what you feel, and to be okay with that. Allow yourself to surrender to it, to accept it for what it is. This simple step will release much of your resistance.

Often, I find that if I am feeling some resistance, simply going within myself and letting go will take care of it quickly. The law of attraction doesn’t respond to force, it responds to surrendering to the flow of life.

Returning to Peace

This leads easily into the next part of this step: mindfulness. I’ve discussed mindfulness many times in the past. Simply, it is to disengage with the resistant thoughts and feelings, while letting them be as they are.

You see, resistance comes from placing your focus on something that is counter to your own desires. If you want money, but focus on lack of money, you feel resistance.

However, mindfulness removes the focus from your thoughts and feelings. In mindfulness, you watch as an impartial observer. In mindfulness, you stop believing the illusory stories of the mind, which entangle you in the web of maya, as the Hindus call it. When you remove this focus on your limiting stories, you easily return to your true nature of peace, which is the perfect foundation for your new creation.

For this reason, I often recommend meditating at least 15 minutes a day, using mindfulness meditation, to train your mind to focus in this way. Otherwise, every thought will carry you away with it, and soon you’ll be as one drowning.

You must train yourself that no matter what the mind says, you keep your focus. If the mind says, “I can’t pay the bills,” you simply let that thought go. If the mind says, “I’ll always be alone,” you simply let that thought go. If the mind says, “I’ll never be successful,” you simply let that thought go. No matter what the mind says, you let it go. This is the key to freedom from the mind.

Another technique that is useful, if an especially persuasive thought has you in its grasp, is to ask yourself whether you can absolutely know it is true. This technique is borrowed from The Work of Byron Katie, and it works beautifully.

If the mind says, “I won’t be able to pay the bills,” you ask yourself, “Is that absolutely true?” And indeed you realize, it is possible that some unexpected money shows up, even within the next five minutes.

This realization that this thought is not necessarily 100% true weakens its hold on you. Even if it might be 95% true, that 5% has begun to sow doubt.

As you focus on this uncertainty, it will grow. It will feel like relief to focus on this doubt. While it feels awful to think you can’t pay the bills, it will feel many times better to think perhaps that’s not necessarily true.

Whether you use mindfulness or this method of self-inquiry, the end is the same: soon, you will feel an incredible sense of peace. This is when you have returned to your own true nature. Let yourself bask in this for a while. Even this simple step will start to make changes in your outer reality. That softening of the certainty you once possessed will allow your life to change in major ways.

Step 2: Finding the Vibrational Essence of Your Manifestation
Also known as: “And eager for more”

Now you’ve returned to an empty canvas (your state of profound peace), and are ready to paint on it (manifest your desire). It is actually quite easy from here, as long as you’ve done step 1 sufficiently.

The reason that so many people put so much effort into manifestation is because they’re trying to do the equivalent of driving through a brick wall. If they’d get out and remove that brick wall first, then driving through would be easy. In step 1, you’ve removed that brick wall separating you from your manifestation. Already, you will probably start noticing some big changes in your life. Now, you only have to move towards your manifestation.

The important thing to recognize here is that the law of attraction really doesn’t care about material things. That’s not to say you can’t manifest material things—you certainly can, and are meant to. But, the Universe doesn’t know about concepts like money, career, and relationships. It knows that you care about these things, but telling the Universe you want a new job that pays better is like walking up to someone who speaks French and speaking English. You’re just not speaking their language.

The Language of the Universe

So to get your manifestations, you need to learn the language of the Universe. Luckily for you, you already know this language. You’re just not used to interacting in it.

What is this language? It is the language of emotions.

The Universe responds to your emotional state in a very precise way, by bringing you thoughts, memories, relationships, experiences, and objects that represent this emotion to you. If you predominantly feel anger, the Universe will bring you representations of anger. Maybe you’ll get cut off in traffic. Maybe your children won’t behave. Perhaps your in-laws will get on your nerves. Whatever it is, the Universe will continue to bring you manifestations that match this vibrational state, until you change what you’re offering—that is, until you stop predominantly feeling anger, and feel something else instead.

If you predominantly feel frustrated, you’re going to be brought manifestations that represent frustration to you. The Universe will continue to bring you these manifestations until you offer another vibration.

So you see, you are always ordering from the Universe. If you feel frustrated, you are ordering things that feel frustrating. If you feel fear, you are ordering things that feel fearful. If you feel happy, you are ordering things that feel happy.

Why do you think it’s so easy for rich people to continue to be rich? It’s simply because they know how to offer the vibration of abundance. It’s a practiced vibration for them, so unless something major causes them to offer another vibration, they will get more of the same.

Placing Your Order

So, now you know that if you think about money, but actually feel lack, you’re not ordering money, but you’re actually ordering lack. No matter how much you visualize, create vision boards, or repeat affirmations, you’re just strengthening that lack vibration. The Universe doesn’t know how to fulfill an order of money, it only knows how to fulfill an order of abundance, freedom, flexibility, fun, etc. If money represents those feelings for you, then you’ll get money.

The obvious question is, how does your manifestation feel? Not at this very moment, because if it felt how you want it to feel, then you’d have it already. But, what emotion are you hoping to experience by fulfilling this manifestation?

A simple way of getting there is to ask yourself why you want this thing. If you want money, perhaps it is to travel more, or to create a savings account, or to go out to eat more.

Once you have this answer, ask yourself again why you want this. Perhaps you want to travel because it feels fun. Perhaps you want to save because it feels secure. And perhaps you want to eat out because it feels free.

Eventually, you’ll reach some emotion. This is what you want. Now, find a way to move towards this emotion. Open up to feeling it, but never force it. To force it means that you’ve not quite released all the resistance yet, or enough of it to move in this direction.

Find things in your life that feel like this. What do you already have that feels like fun? What do you already have that feels like security? What do you already have that feels like freedom? This will help you to hone in on this emotion.

Experiences from the past that felt like this also help. If you don’t feel very secure right now, perhaps you remember something that felt secure to you in the past. Go back to this event and trigger that emotion.

Do all of this very lightly, with a light touch as it were. If it’s something you’re not used to feeling, it might take a while, even several days or week, to reliably move towards that emotion.

The good news is that once you do, it will get easier and easier to move in that direction. Remember in the law of attraction, what you focus on expands. So the more you move towards security, for example, the easier it is to feel security, in a clearer, more defined way. You are practicing the vibration of security.

Another thing will happen as well. As you move towards this emotion more and more, day by day, the Universe will start to bring you manifestations that feel like this emotion. Remember, now you’re speaking the language of the Universe. So if it sees you’re ordering security, you’ll get more things that feel like security. It might not be your intended manifestation for a while, but celebrate every single manifestation that comes. It is the Universe showing you that it hears what you are putting out there. And the more you celebrate every manifestation that is on target, the bigger it will get. As long as you don’t contradict this new vibration, it will keep getting bigger and bigger, until it surpasses even your own expectations.

You Are A Creator

You are the creator of your life. Now you hold the keys to creation. I know that sounds somewhat cliché, but it’s absolutely true. Once you understand how this process works, and even more, why it works, you will never again be surprised by the manifestations the Universe brings you. If you experience some event that feels negative to you, you know that sometime in the recent past, you were focused on some negative feeling, and thereby ordered more of it from the Universe.

It will also cause you to be diligent about your own inner state. I always recommend having a moment-by-moment awareness of your inner state. When you realize that your inner state is, if you will, the control panel to your own reality, then you start to be extremely diligent about what you place your focus on. You will stop consuming media that feels bad to you. You will stop associating with people who bring you down. You will stop complaining about the things in your life that aren’t going right. You’ll do this, not because you have to, but because you realize this is the key to creating what you want to create in life.

I promise you that as you put these principles into practice, you will see near immediate changes in your life, and that these changes will grow as you are persistent in applying them. Even if these principles aren’t apparent to you right now, they will soon become so if you apply them even if just for a little while. I invite you, then, to try them out for 30 days, and see if your life doesn’t begin to turn around completely.

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Brandon Olivares

Brandon Olivares is a spiritual law of attraction coach. He loves teaching people how to actually get results with the law of attraction, and create a life they truly love. Get his free 7-day law of attraction course to learn how to finally start making progress towards your manifestations.

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Carol Makowski February 1, 2016 at 4:13 pm

Sounds so simple — and it is. Focus on positivity and feel what it is that we want. Yet, we are taught to be so disconnected from these two practices that we need to work on them as often as possible. As Abraham says — that IS the work. Thanks for the reminder.


Lucia Ferraro February 2, 2016 at 12:03 pm

I’m a believer in this approach to manifestation as well. You do need to look at HOW you are asking and the vibrations you are sending out to the universe. It will not see negation and understand, to your point here! Get in touch with emotion and everything starts to line up.
Once you get clear on that, it is truly that simple!

Thanks for this content, Brandon!


Stephanie D'Laroy February 4, 2016 at 12:24 am

I like this post. Getting in touch with emotion and everything starts to line up.
Once you get clear in the mind and erase the negativity you will start attracting positivity from the inside.


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