Happiness is Right Here

by Brandon Olivares on July 30

People spend all their lives pursuing one thing or another. It might be money, success, power, fame, a good career, or even enlightenment.

However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the point of all of this seeking is?

Ask yourself one question: “What is preventing me from being happy now, in this very moment?” What will you have after you get more money, a better job, a better relationship, or spiritual “advancement” that you don’t already have right now?

You will find that the only thing blocking your happiness in this very moment is your own beliefs and expectations about how the world should work. We have beliefs like, “I should have a nicer house/car. My spouse should be different. I shouldn’t ever get angry.”

“Should” is the most insidious word in the English language. It says that this right now is not good enough. Yet there is no proof that that is the case. “Should” ultimately doesn’t exist. There’s no ideal world out there where everything is the way it “should” be. All we have is this world, in this present moment. How do you know your life shouldn’t be exactly 100% as it is right now?

In essence, you are robbing yourself of your own happiness by pushing it to some future date, when things are different, when you are more enlightened, or when the world is a “better” place. But that day will never come; it is just a fantasy in your mind. It will never come because you will never really be satisfied, as long as you are not satisfied in this present moment, which is the only moment in which you ever exist.

I invite you to pause in this moment and look at your own experience. Can you find even one thing wrong with this moment that is not purely based in thought? When you take away the labels from what is, is anything truly wrong? This right here, this moment, is enlightenment. It has never been any other way. However, you have always looked outside this moment for happiness, and thus you felt uncentered and dissatisfied.

Ironically, even your dissatisfaction existed here in this moment, and thus was absolutely perfect the way it was. Even apparent imperfection is perfectly what it is. The greatest realization is that there is nothing to realize. The greatest key to happiness is that happiness was always right here.

For 16 years, I searched for the truth. I looked forward to some future day of enlightenment—some great realization that would come crashing down and forever change me for the better. But one day, I just realized, that is all a myth. Everything I need is right here already. There is nothing to obtain because life is absolutely perfect as it is.

You would think that this would make me unmotivated to do anything in the world, yet it is actually the opposite. I participate even more, because I see it all as a cosmic game that I can’t possibly lose. I play the role I want to play, because what else is there to do? It makes me more willing to go after the things that inspire me most in life, and more able to leave behind those things that don’t. I don’t care about the approval of others, because I know on a deep level that this is exactly what I need to do right now. Why would I let someone else’s limiting beliefs affect me?

I invite you, then, that when something appears to be wrong in your life—with yourself, another person or the world at large—that you simply look at what is, and see that it is your own beliefs about what “should” be that is creating this suffering right now. There was never anything wrong with the world. I like to tell people, you have never made a mistake. It is impossible to make a mistake, no matter how much it seems otherwise. See this moment as the miracle that it is, and you won’t need to look anywhere else.

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Brandon Olivares

Brandon Olivares is a spiritual law of attraction coach. He loves teaching people how to actually get results with the law of attraction, and create a life they truly love. Get his free 7-day law of attraction course to learn how to finally start making progress towards your manifestations.

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Sandra July 31, 2015 at 4:19 pm

I absolutely love this. A great reminder of being in the moment.


Sue Rawlinson July 31, 2015 at 10:16 pm

Yes. Thank you for the reminder. It is very helpful.


Holly August 1, 2015 at 8:07 am

A great read, Brandon! A helpful reminder to not get stuck in the past or endlessly worry about the future. The minute we can start to truly live in the present, and be grateful for what we have right here and now, the sooner everything suddenly really is okay. And that brings so much relief! Eff the *shoulds*!


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