Acing a Job Interview

by Spiraling Up on February 19

Spiraling Up Hacks” is a Friday series we are starting this month. Every Friday, we will give you 5 hacks—useful ones, helpful ones, and funny ones. We hope you enjoy, and add your own hacks in the comments!


1. Visualize the emotional state you want to be in, for example, an eagle soaring over a calm mountain lake for confidence and calmness (this article explains it in more detail).

2. Adopt a power pose for two minutes before the interview. Go to a restroom. Doing so while waiting in front of the receptionist is not recommended.

3. Always accept a glass of water/coffee/tea when it’s offered, and drink at least a few sips.

4. Think up 5 questions about the company itself, and 5 questions about the position. Ask at least 2 questions at the end of the interview when they ask you if you still have questions.

5. Assume a second interview. Say something like, “Salary and work hours will be discussed in our second interview, I assume?” or “I am looking forward to our second interview.”

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