Spiraling Up is the new personal development.

That’s a bold statement—but we pride ourselves on the freshness of our approach.

We Are a Community

Spiraling Up is a community-based blog with a small group of core contributors. Not only does “community” describe how we run this site, we also believe having multiple voices is integral to personal growth. It is that’s how all of us have done PD over the years—by talking and forming relationships with each other, and growing from the differences in opinion that inevitably occur within a community.

This community began on Steve Pavlina’s online forums around 2007, moved on to a private forum after that closed, and grew into Spiraling Up in 2015.

We want to continue forming relationships that encourage mutual growth. We would love to hear from you, so if you feel moved to contribute to this site in any way, please do so. You can comment on our articles, friend us on Facebook, tweet with us, and if you feel like you have a worthwhile idea to share with the world, feel free to submit to us, as well.

We Are Diverse

Instead of having a single strong “voice,” we are committed to sharing a diversity of perspectives. Spiraling Up is international. We write from Canada, the United States, Spain, Australia, and Mexico, and a few of us are expatriates living abroad, as well. We know that our cultural backgrounds shape our world views and our approaches, and we value the range of opinions that comes with diversity.

We Have Depth

The web is rife with “feel good” content, and sifting through trash to find the treasure can be a chore. We focus on providing quality content. On Spiraling Up, our articles often come from a personal perspective, give you a new method to use in your own life, or simply offer a new perspective to consider. We question the validity of traditional PD concepts. We use ourselves as canvasses to sketch out possible solutions to problems other folks might have. We don’t have all the answers, but we have our own experiences, and we have each other.