10 Creative Ways to Brainstorm Amazing Ideas

by Tiago on June 12


Can’t solve that pesky problem? Need some inspiration for your next art project? Or maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do next with your life. Here are some unique ways to brainstorm some good ideas.


1. Google. When you can’t seem to come up with anything, it is often the case that you’ve simply run out of fresh input that can get your creative juices flowing. One of the ways to remedy this is to go the Internet and search Google. The infinity of the Internet will eventually provide with you some ideas that you can use.

2. Invert Your Thinking: People typically use logical or sensible approaches when they want to solve a certain problem. If they’re sick, they go to the doctor; if they want to make money, they try to find a job. Give some thought to what people typically do, and then think about how you could do the opposite of that and still find success. You will often come up with some very wild and interesting ideas when you use this process.

3. Meditate: Meditate often enough and your brain will eventually start producing out-of-the-box thoughts and ideas. The key here is to establish a routine that allows your brain to feed you good information.

4. Write, write, write!: Open up a notepad and write a big list of every idea you can think of. This will, admittedly, only produce garbage at first. But after you’ve finished writing your hundreds of ideas, look for the ones that seem out of place—the good ones. There may be something there.

5. Read on a Specific Subject: Instead of searching the Internet and casting your net too wide, you can pick up a book and let yourself read it slowly to absorb every single word. Thoughts beget more thoughts, and you’ll soon find yourself going in a different direction if you allow the written word to guide you.

6. Explore Terrible Ideas: Awful ideas are often just that—awful. But you’ll find that something interesting happens when you tinker with hundreds of different ideas—some of them actually aren’t as bad as you thought!

7. Learn From Terrible Ideas: Back in the late 1940s, the Rolodex was a piece of office equipment that was used everywhere. It was very popular and its market was growing year after year. Nothing could seemingly stop Rolodex’s unstoppable growth . . . except for a terrible idea. They decided to cut back on the normal Rolodex and tried to promote an electronic version. The electronic version was garbage, and they shot themselves in the foot. Learning from the mistakes of others often points you in the right direction, and towards different, more appealing ideas.

8. Gather a Group of Friends or Colleagues: When in company, brainstorming sometimes becomes easier. Have everyone write down their ideas, then discuss what comes up. Sometimes great ideas intersect and mutate into something better, all because of several people working together to come up with something great.

9. Travel: Traveling in and of itself does not necessarily generate ideas, but if you look at real life, it seems that a lot of people change their thinking and shift their lives after an intense period of traveling. I’ve had this experience myself and I’m still not sure why traveling produces this effect, but I think it has to do with the fact that, for a period of time, you leave your daily routine. Your brain realizes that new experiences are here and starts producing different thoughts that can lead to great ideas.

10. Imagine There are No Limits: You have infinite money, time, resources and influence. Everything that you don’t have right now, you can get. From this different perspective, what is the best idea that you can come up with? Sometimes removing fears and doubts is all it takes to gain fresh new perspectives.


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